Tsuma was a fishing town larger and more active than other rokugani villages. It lied along the Tangu River a few miles from the coast and had one small wharf. It was removed from the more heavily highways and with little to offer in the way of comforts for the odd visitor. Despite its small size, it boasted an unusual number of inns, sake houses, theaters, geisha houses, and other services to comfort and supply weary travelers. A bamboo forest surrounded the road to the town.

Temple to the Seven Fortunes

The white stone Temple to the Seven Fortunes is large, square, with two circular jet rooftops. A large mirrored ball representing Amaterasu was atop the structure. A long marble flight arched by seven torii, led to the arched iron twin doors of the temple.

Merchant House of the Exotic

The Merchant House of the Exotic is a shop which sold imports at Tsuma. It is run by a nephew of Ide Daikoku. Its architecture is of gaijin style.

Tsuma Dojo

It is a walled enclave of interconnected wood and plaster buildings, raised over stilts. The school have many gardens, as the Higashi garden, located within the sensei quarter of the school.


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